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You've got a big and open city waiting for you, with varied environments to skate on. The player just has to search for the ideal place to skate, even if it's a set of stairs or someone's pool. Since I compared skate to Tony Hawk, I might as well say that this game also features a couple of crazy stunts that can't be performed in real life, but not as many as the previously mentioned rivaling title. San Vanelona is divided into 4 major areas, including the suburbs, the old town and downtown, each with their unique characters. I had problems with the controls in NBA Nachavule Mp3 Songs 07 so I had to do a bit of individual practice before starting any season mode or Dynasty challenge. You'll learn the basics of slam dunking and join the beginner alley-oop practice in an attempt to beat the ones that taught you the best tricks. No discrimination intended, but NBA is a manly sport, so doing some shopping will decrease its masculinity. However, visiting the NBA Store mode is not exactly shopping since you can unlock main menu skins, music tracks, tattoos or sports gear. EA Sports has the nasty habit of overwhelming the gamer with tons of customizable options when it comes to the roster editing or customization. When you create a player, you'll feel like playing with the LEGO pieces from your childhood. You can edit cheeks, ears, chin, jaw, eyes, mouth, neck, the player's age or the forehead style. Choose dunk packages and trade your player with another one keeping an eye on the ratings written under their pictures. I had a chance to see the XBOX 360 version before playing Call of Duty 3 and it looks much much better. I don't know what happened, but some of the textures are really awful and shouldn't be there. Also there are plenty of bugs and glitches that will frustrate the gamer, taking away the eye candy he wanted so much. There a few good aspects though, like the blur that appears when you focus the gun to aim better. Nachavule Mp3 Songs are pretty good, but they're nothing that you wouldn't find in any historic shooter to date and even older ones. Planes fly by and make a big ruckus while bombing the town, flames and smoke are all over the place and the explosions will shake the camera in a pretty nice way. Cutscenes are very well done and the facial expressions of the characters will add salt and pepper to the ironic and funny dialogs. Graphics might be poor, but the atmosphere is a plus as bullets fly in all directions and there's carnage everywhere, soldiers dying, walls get shattered etc. Enlarge picture In most Playstation and PS2 games, we used the X button to jump or perform certain environmentally interactive actions. In this title, the X is the new square button, being used for intense button mashing, in case you're fond of basic attacks. If you want combos, feel free to press the other action buttons, with the triangle being the one that triggers the most powerful move. Even if you won't die, the enemies' attacks might deplete your HP meter at some point, so you should start collecting health pickups. Those can be found by breaking certain objects that surround your characters, from pillars to the average boxes, in order to get a couple of flying green thingies that he

Is a turret being pesky? You could throw an EMP grenade at it to disable it. (As before, it's always a treat to watch robotic foes erupt in a flash of sparks in this manner.) Or, if you level up in a certain way, you could break into a security workstation, set the turret to target your foes, and then carry it around with you to do your dirty work. If you are strong enough, you might lift heavy boxes and discover vents that give you access to a previously unexplored office, or you might find a keycode to that office on the corpse of a guard whose throat you slice. You can take the more straightforward approach and gun your way through, too, though doing so exposes Human Revolution's typically brainless AI. Foes empty clip after clip into railings that stand between you and them, throw themselves directly onto grenades, and perform other silly maneuvers that might have you rolling your eyes. There's a reason that co-op shooters like Syndicate and Left 4 Dead have comprehensible rules regarding the placement of ammo stashes; the resulting ebb and flow allows you to focus on the shooting and gives teams a moment to refresh and regroup. Raccoon City has no such rules in place, though this is hardly the only area in which the game deviates from the norm. Of course, we should want our games to rethink traditional mechanics in interesting ways, but developer Slant Six's deviations come at the cost of fun. One such example: you can't tumble out of the way of a charging hunter, but you can sprint forward and belly flop--always a treat when you wanted to run toward a health-giving herb, but then leap on top of it rather than consume it. Another example: for some reason, you have to shoot the locks off of special weapon containers before you can collect the gun within. Perhaps this was meant to deliver some tension, but it just feels like a waste of time and ammo. A bigger problem lies with the controls. At odd moments, when you push a button nothing happens onscreen. You try to dash out of the way or initiate a finisher, and Ayumi stands stock-still while a baddie pummels her to a pulp. Such a problem is maddening in the best of times, but when your health is low, this unresponsiveness rises to the next level of frustration. Ayumi carries up to three health packs at a time, and you need them because her health bar can be drained with just a couple of hits. Ideally, you refill your health and reestablish your dominance. But such an option isn't always possible. You might be caught in an animation that precludes you from healing, and having your precious life leak away because the game won't let you have a bite of that tasty health is a horrible way to die. To make matters worse, you might slam on the button multiple times to ensure you're healed, only to watch in horror as two of your reserves are used up in your frantic taps. Whether you're playing the single-player World Tour mode or competing against other players, most of your time in SSX is spent racing or tricking your way down snowy mountain courses. Those courses are set in Alaska, Siberia, the Alps, and 7 other regions, and although they're much more rooted in reality than those seen in many SSX games, these real-world locations have been given the extreme treatment. You won't leap over congested freeways or speed down the slope of